Do you supply wallpaper as DYI (do-it-yourself) wallpaper?

We sure do. Our premium quality wallpaper is printed on a high quality self-adhesive product. We have a detailed instruction sheet to guide you through the installation process.

Do you ship your pre-printed wallpaper anywhere?

Yes. Shipping will be in Australian standards at fixed rates. Shipping costs will be calculated in the checkout process. However, if you are enquiring from overseas, we will be very happy to provide a specific quote to suit your exact needs. Get a Quote.

How do you print the custom printed wallpaper?

At The Wallpaper Works, we exclusively use HP Large Format Digital Printers. The large format digital printer manufactured by HP is a market leader and offers technology unsurpassed. We have chosen HP Latex printer because they use Environmentally sensitive ink that are UL ECOLOG® Certified HP Latex Inks meeting a range of stringent human health criteria. As of January 2014, HP is the only large format digital printing manufacturer to earn UL ECOLOG® Certification for latex printing inks. Also HP Latex Inks are GREENGUARD GOLD Certified to standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air.

How can I get an approximate price on my wallpaper mural?

It’s actually very easy. We have a few price options for you:

  1. We have an easy-to-use pricing estimate calculator below. All you need to know is the height x width of your wall. Once you have typed in that information into the fields provided press submit – you have an instant wallpaper price estimate.
  2. We offer enquiries through personalised face-to-face or phone contact. Yes. A real person will answer your enquiry during office hours (8 am – 5 pm EST). We encourage you to let us help you plan your wallpaper project. Phone 02 6334 3888.
  3. At The Wallpaper Works, we do offer a small questionnaire on our contact us page. Provide us a few details and please feel free to ‘tell us about your project”. Get a Quote and we will gladly follow you up about your custom wallart project.

How easy is it to prepare my wall for The Wallpaper Works wall art?

Great preparation yields great results – is a very old saying. That said – preparing a wall to be painted is very similar or even identical to preparing a wall for wallpaper.

Do the guys at The Wallpaper Works have any great tips on how to prepare my wall?

Great preparation yields great results – is a very old saying. So, we hope these wallpaper tips and tricks help:

  1. Stand back and look at the wall from a few steps back, make a mental note at of faults.
  2. Remove picture holding fittings, hooks and other items likely to impair wallpaper installation.
  3. Move in closer to the wall and gently and carefully move your gloved hand over the surface ‘feeling for imperfections' which may cause issues for your wall art. A piece of chalk is hand to make a mark to highlight faults.
  4. If so required prepare the wall with removing flaking or rough painted areas.
  5. Fill with appropriate fillers any holes, dints and defects – see your local hardware store for advice.
  6. A clean down with a suitable cleaner may be judged required i.e 'Sugar Soap' however this is wall finish dependant.
  7. In extreme cases you may need to repaint the wall, if this is the case use a quality non Teflon®, Silicon or non wash and wear paint allowing adequate drying time.

Why is “The Wallpaper Works” self adhesive wallpaper so easy to install?

The self adhesive used is premium quality repositionable, and has a low initial tack or grab value. This feature allows the user from novice to expert to handle the wallpaper with great peace of mind. Even in extreme circumstances of an adhesive to adhesive fold back – yes, you can carefully separate – Wow, its is that easy. The other key wallpaper feature is during positioning you can casually tap sections on the wall and peel back – you could liken it to a “post it note”! Then once firmly pressed down the adhesive starts to bold more firmly... you will love the project before, during and especially after. Click here for instructions.

Do you offer an installation service – do we have to install the wall art DYI?

The Wallpaper Works can offer specialised installation service, however we do need to be aware of that requirement prior to your order. Typically our customers on Wallpaper Works are responsible for installing the Wall art mural, wallpaper or other digitally printed wall art, unless you specifically requested a full installation service prior to the order.

How does The Wallpaper Works supply the wallart, wall graphics or wallpaper?

Wallpaper Works offer a custom printed wallpaper service, therefore we prepare the wallpaper, print your requested custom wallpaper image and despatch the wall mural directly to you. Yes, Wallpaper Works supply a complete wallpaper installation guide offering details on “how you install your wallpaper”.

How long after placing my wallpaper order will I receive my wallpaper, wall art or wall mural?

At The Wallpaper Works normal delivery times are 10 – 14 working days for in-house wallpaper production. Once despatched the Wall Art is delivered typically within Australia in 5 – 7 working days. If you requirements are outside these guidelines. Contact us to discuss.

Is the wallpaper mural pre-pasted?

No, the wallpaper is self adhesive. When installing our Wallpaper Works premium wallpaper you only have to remove the backing sheet and ‘stick it’ to the wall. And we offer a simple to follow wallpaper installation guide, Wallpaper works can produce water activated ‘traditional wallpaper” and yes we do stock the blank wallpaper in house. Therefore if you have a specialised traditional water based adhesive project in mind - Get a Quote.

How is the wall mural supplied?

Your wallpaper order is supplied as self-adhesive and will be sent to you as a set of wallpaper panels typically cut to approximately 600mm wide drops. Included with your wall mural will be a wallpaper installation guide.

Is it possible to nominate the size of wall art mural I want?

Yes, absolutely! The Wallpaper Works is a boutique personalised wallpaper manufacture with decades of custom designed self adhesive product supply – its fair to say we are expert at servicing your exact wallpaper needs. Wallpaper sizes can totally customised to suit the size of the wall or area size. The custom designed interface is a direct access link to HP Wall Art custom wallpaper designer – you have full control to create your own wall paper masterpiece.

What is the minimum size or area Wallpaper works provides?

The minimum size of our wallpaper murals is typically 2 square metres. However, if you have specialised requirement we are easy to talk to. Get a Quote.

How do I clean my wallpaper once installed?

Typically the preferred method is to wipe clean the Wallpaper Works self-adhesive wall mural once installed with a clean, mildly damp sponge a wipe gently using warm water. Do not use spray and wipe or any other chemically formulated cleaners which may damage your print. Very mild soap and water solutions only.

When I remove the wallpaper will my wall be damaged?

Wallpaper Works self-adhesive wall mural is a premium product designed not to cause any damage your wall on removal. However some factors must be responsibly considered. For example:

  1. Self Adhesive wall art can be simply peeled off back to back carefully and evenly – then dispose of thoughtfully.
  2. The wallpaper being installed on a wall that is correctly prepared.
  3. The wall is in good condition and suitable of wallpaper free from peeling or flaky paint.

Can I ‘create my own’ custom designed wall mural?

The Wallpaper Works ‘design your own’ page of our website makes designing your own custom designed wallpaper a breeze! The HP Wall Art design of our website provides a design field allowing you to select a background or pattern or image. Then you can add your text or other design items by drop and drag in our library. You can adjust text height, change colours, position and size and adjust and edit before saving your custom design tor view later or purchase on the spot.

Are we advised of despatch?

Yes, once your order is ready for despatched, we typically advise same day of pickup by courier or our nominated despatch agents. Our preferred delivery is Australia Post within Australia.

I’m worried about mucking up a panel during installation, what then?

Great question, it is a rare event as the Self adhesive wallpaper is just so easy to use! Should the unlikely happen we do keep design print files for approx. 21 working days and we are able to re-print individual wallpaper panels. Please contact us for friendly advice and assistance and we will be certainly happy to help you. Please be aware that some colour differences may occur when reprints are issued.

Is a novice able to install Wallpaper Works Custom wallpaper?

We would like to say YES, however with our easy to follow wallpaper installation guide we can confidently claim we haven’t had a single phone call or email informing us that our wall art, wallpaper or wall murals are a problem to install.

Does The Wallpaper Works have a returns policy?

Yes, we have a Returns Policy, a Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Statement located via the footer of our home page @ Bathurst Signs & Screen Print.

Other Questions about Wallpaper, Wall Art or wall Graphics?

If you have any wallpaper questions that we haven’t listed here we are more than happy to help, offer suggestions and good quality advice on Wallpaper solutions. Get in touch with is here here and state your enquiry.